November 2017
I’m very happy with the service from Burton & Smith. It was very reassuring to have a couple of visits before the move so I could go through things and the move itself was very efficient and fast. We were moved in to the new office by 12pm. It was such a contrast to our last move in April which was chaotic. I’d definitely use your service again – although I hope we won’t have to move again…

Relocating Roller Racking reliably

One of our teams undertook a week-long move for the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity which involved relocating 160 metres of filing (that’s the equivalent length of 9 Bendy Buses) from one basement to another. That’s a typical moving task for us, but this job also involved dismantling, resiting and rebuilding the complex roller racking system which houses the files.

The Charity works to support world-leading healthcare at the NHS Foundation Trust near London Bridge, by providing grants, loans and other forms of investment. So maintaining accurate records and knowing exactly where they are stored, is absolutely vital. The ‘Sequential Packing’ service that we provide entails packing everything in order and labeling accurately, so that items can be replaced in exactly the same position and order on the same shelf as they were originally. It’s easy to take that end result for granted, but achieving it demands a rigorous and systematic approach.

The Hospital’s Project Manager, Ben Humphreys said later: ‘Many thanks to Chris Burton for planning the move and to the team, led by Karl. Not only for Saturday’s efforts but also with regard to the roller racking. From the move perspective everything has gone well’.

All our teams enjoy a challenge and the satisfaction of knowing the job has been done meticulously well, particularly when it is for such a good cause.

265 Roller-racking                 … files are replaced in exactly the same position and order on the same shelf as they were originally