I would like to say thank you very much for the excellent service you provided, from the collection to the delivery, your guys are friendly, on time, professional and very pleasant to work with. You have been very accommodating with all the date changes and helping us by storing our furniture until our offices were ready. I will definitely recommend your services.

Move Management and Planning

When it comes to relocation, everything is in the planning and preparation. Getting it wrong could cost you thousands in lost business, as well as potential corporate embarrassment and loss of face with your own personnel.

We aim to become an integral part of your project team and through our extensive knowledge of the minefield of moving a business, we offer you practical support and advice. Our Move Manager service provides:

  • Feasibility analysis, defining budgets and schedule overview
  • Detailed assessments to gauge your unique business needs
  • Filing audits and the promotion of culling exercises
  • Annotated CAD plans with desk positioning/storage cabinets
  • Production of detailed move programmes, revision, rescheduling and contingency planning
  • Marked up existing named and numbered plans for distribution
  • ‘Move books’ for staff – giving detailed instructions
  • Furniture audits to enable improved aesthetics and surplus product removal
  • Desk numbering
  • Briefings for all operatives and sub-contractors before commencement of work to ensure a clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Risk assessments and method statements for moves
  • Route planning to survey access and egress for vehicles, equipment and items
  • Crate distribution/reconciliation
  • Liaison with all contractors
  • Help desk facility (to discuss pre or post move queries)
  • Move in progress supervision
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