Everything has gone to plan and your guys did a great all around job. I'm pleased with how quickly they worked despite some unpreparedness on our part for the few small things.

Going global

Managing a relocation in another country can be logistically complex, but we have the experience to make it look easy.

Four weeks of careful planning was involved when Starwood EAME decided to move 220 staff across Brussels into a new headquarters building. We provided vehicles and around thirty crew members to transport 65 vanloads of IT equipment, furniture and personal effects during the five day move.

The layout of the new building meant that large, heavy items had to be transferred up the outside of the building using a hydraulic lift, and at one stage the process was further complicated when EC Summit protesters blockaded the city centre with tractors and trucks. Despite this the move was completed on time and demonstrated the level of service that we can deliver anywhere in Europe.

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